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Somebody somewhere (some “when”?), told us a story about ourselves and our voices and we believed it. Whether that story was “you’re just the quiet one” or “you’re too loud”, or “you’re obnoxious and bossy,’ or “women aren’t as effective communicators because their voices are higher pitched than men’s”… fill in the blank, right? The list of stories is endless.

But whatever story we were told, we accepted it as truth, and that belief created limiting boundaries for us about what we could say, where we could say it, how loud we should be or what tone of voice we should use – and maybe it even throws into question if we should use our voice at all.

So our voice, perhaps physically and definitely figuratively, ends up either stifled and rusty from lack of use or hoarse and tired from trying to sound acceptable. And attempts to use it authentically and in service to ourselves (to better our relationships, or level up our businesses, or create a better work environment) can trigger serious anxiety or fear.

I have lived this out in painful ways and have fought hard to find my voice, to break through the barriers holding me back, and to live and communicate authentically. And I couldn’t have done it alone; I have had mentors and coaches and friends who have acted as guides on the path for me.

Now, my life mission is to help you discover your limitations by leading you through powerful vocal coaching techniques, untangle the stories that keep you living in your limitations, envision the person you can become, and to transform into that person by locking in new beliefs and practical skills that allow you to consistently own your voice and use it authentically with calm clarity and grounded confidence.   

I developed and utilize the four-part D.U.E.T. framework described above drawing on 20+ years and thousands of hours performing, communicating professionally, leading teams and coaching individuals. You’ll walk away from our work together understanding not only how to effectively wield the power of your physical voice in any setting, but also with the confidence to navigate through your anxiety and fear to communicate with strength and clarity in front of any audience (professional or personal).

If you’d like to learn more, just use my Calendly to schedule a call with me.


If you are a performer, public speaker, or communicator, and you’re experiencing crippling anxiety or “stage fright” and you just can’t seem to unlock the tricks you need to beat it, this is for you.

If you are struggling to communicate in ways that allow you to successfully level up your business, work environment or your personal life, this is for you.

If communicating your needs in a calm, clear way (whether personally or professionally) causes your heart to race and anxiety to set in, this is for you.

If you struggle to show up as your most authentic self and to clearly express who you really are, this is for you.


Engaging with any kind of coaching can be amazing and life changing. And it will require everything you’ve got. But if you commit to the process and do the work, you’ll never be the same.

Are you ready to invest in yourself? Are you ready to take a deep dive into your beliefs and identity to discover what’s holding you back? Are you ready to unlock your own magic and see the world completely differently?

The world is ready for you to show up as your most authentic and magical self. Are you ready?

If you’re not sure if you’re ready, that’s ok. We rarely feel ready to do the scary things that will absolutely change our lives.

So, I encourage you to smash the link below anyway and start a conversation. You’ve got this.

Ready or not, use my Calendly to schedule a conversation!

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