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Why coaching? Why not music lessons?

Music lessons are just for learning basic skills. Music coaching is all about helping my students find the ways of interacting with music that bring them joy and energy, and help them grow in the skills and mindset needed to fully rock out.

Whether that client is 8 or 82.

Whether they want to be able to sit down at any piano any time and make up a beautiful song, or  just want to sing better for their shower head, or maybe write a couple epically sappy love songs on guitar, or they’re serious about becoming the best musician in the world, I work together with my my students to make it happen.

I am passionate about helping each budding musician find THEIR passion and express it on their chosen instrument (voice, piano, guitar, songwriting, recording). Or find out they want to express their passion and creativity in other ways. It’s all about finding and embracing each individual’s creativity.

Each session is not only educational musically, but generally involves fun and laughter as well, and tons of growth.

“But,” as Lavar Burton always said, “don’t take my word for it!”

Here’s what some of my clients have been saying:

Nichole: mom, artist, music lover

20180905_111128“Jenny is not only a talented singer/songwriter musician, but she is able to take those skills and teach other people in an effective and fun way. (The two don’t always go together) I grew up with an unkind and harsh piano teacher and as a result I didn’t stick with it. I adore music and now as an adult I want to learn piano well… Jenny listened to what I wanted to accomplish and has been wonderful to work with and help me polish old skills and  learn new ones in an engaging way. Even more exciting was seeing her engage my boys in their lessons. They are brand new to music and piano and she interacts with them at their level and finds fun ways to teach them. They are constantly moving and Jenny even used that as part of the lesson by using their body movement to teach time signatures. She is a dear friend and I’m so happy she took us on in all our wildness. She is the teacher I wish I’d had as a kid.” 

-Denise: mom, grandma, gardener, and now singer

IMG_8338“Jenny I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for my voice lessons. Your encouragement and drive pushed me out of my comfort zone, as we worked together I was able to gain the confidence to sing with joy in the presence of another person. This is an amazing accomplishment!  You are helping me find the voice that God gave me. I will be forever grateful for that wonderful gift.”

-Audra; wife, mom, worship leader, songwriter


“Jenny provided me with excellent voice lessons. Her knowledge and expertise helped me to excel and reach more potential within my own voice. She offers quality vocal instruction that has not only helped me to sing with more confidence but also by fully utilizing all of my voice.”

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