Beyond the Pleasantries

Today at Starbucks, I had this great connect with the guy running the cash register. He heard me humming an Adele song and was like, “I LOVE Adele…”, then we were off on a tangent, trading stories about which covers of Adele by which bands we liked, etc. I gave him the info to look up my favorite Adele cover on Youtube (which he was SO excited to check out), and the conversation ended with him saying, “You just made my day!” to which I responded, “You made MY day.”

I love it when a common interest sparks a conversation and plunges you beyond the pleasantries of “Hi, how are you?” “Good, you?” “Good, thanks. Would you like your receipt?” “Yes please.” “Have a great day!” “Thanks, you too!”

Sometimes I just feel like we all walk around with these fortress walls surrounding us that seem impenetrable, when in reality, all it takes is one little portion of a brick being poked through to connect us.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so introverted and had an easier time just reaching out and saying, “What’s up? It’s nice to be alive with you on this planet. For the two minutes that I’ll connect with you today, I want to learn just one more thing about you than knowing that you work at Starbucks.”

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