As life would have it…

…I am currently going through a break-up (WAH WAH! :() . A few thoughts below on going through this time of pain in my life, written March 22nd:

Just watched a clip of a seminarian talking about how when we suffer, Jesus suffers with us. And I get what he’s saying, Jesus has compassion on us and is with us in our suffering and pain, comforting us. Afterall, he is the “God of all comfort” (as stated somewhere in Corinthians). But I guess I just don’t relate to the sentiment that Jesus suffers because we suffer. In the same way that I believe pain confirms, rather than denies, the presence of God in my life, I believe that when I/we suffer, Jesus does not suffer with me, but I am suffering with him. When I suffer, I gain small pieces of understanding into the immense suffering Jesus endured for his Father’s glory and for each of us. And THAT is what comforts me and breaks my heart all at the same time. I have Jesus, a high priest who empathizes with me, and yet also, by my sin and previous rejection of God, I caused him the suffering he endured in order to be able to empathize with me. So even though it sincerely and deeply SUCKS when I suffer, it also shows me more of the immense love my Father, his Son and The Holy Spirit have for me to go through Jesus coming to earth, living, suffering, dying and rising again to reconcile us to God. It’s worth it, suffering is worth it to know Jesus more. It really, really is. I would not trade it in or rewind the clocks and erase the events that led up to this.

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