A Surprisingly Lovely Morning

Papa & Grammy
Papa & Grammy

This morning surprised me with it’s loveliness. I had no exceptional plans. I simply had to run to the office to pack up my desk for the move to the new office building this week, and then hang out with my friend (and bandmate), Nana, a little later in the day.

Being at the office was a great start to the morning, going through files, chatting and joking with my teammates, tasting ice-cream made entirely of fruit. I packed up my desk into one box and am excited to come to a totally new workspace on Thursday. New workspaces always stimulate my brain and give me a fresh sense of adventure and creativity.

But the best part of the morning, and what lit up my whole heart, was stopping by the bank before arriving at Nana’s. As I was standing at the counter filling out my deposit form, I heard someone call my name. Look to the left. There’s Papa! Papa, my wonderful grandfather who I really only see once a week at Sunday lunch, is standing in line to make his own deposits. So we stand in line together and chat about his morning, and he tells me to go in front of him, because Grammy is waiting in the car, and I can go chat with her while he’s making his deposits.

When I come out to Grammy’s car, I sit in Papa’s driver seat, and Grammy gives me a kiss and we chat about what she bought at Macy’s and how we wish our whole family (all 25 of us, all of Grammy’s & Papa’s kids & grandkids) could make it out to the lake house for our fall vacation. But we’re all scattered throughout the country, so I suppose we’ll take what we can get as far as time together. The breeze came in the car windows, and wrapped gently around our conversation until Papa came out ready to go. I wished them a good day and walked back to my own car and the day ahead.

I can’t tell you how lovely it was to have those small, spontaneous conversations with my most lovely grandparents. Sometimes, I don’t even know how much I need that small touch of human connection from those who love me most.

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